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Boost Your Success and Achieve Your Life Goals

Do you find yourself feeling uninspired and unmotivated?

In our recent LinkedIn Live, Actuate's Head of Executive Coaching, Pasquale Mazzuca, explored the 5 steps that will allow you to boost your success and achieve your life goals. Here's what he suggested:

1. Building rapport

We don’t operate in a vacuum. With an accountability partner, you can have another individual hold you accountable for your actions, how much you have progressed, and how well you are meeting your goals.

2. Active listening

When talking to others, you will often receive feedback and questions. Being able to pick up signals - not just what they say, but how they say it - allows you to gain richer information and deeper meanings.

3. Develop a connection

A strong connection encourages you to achieve your goals. You can offer recommendations and share information from an alternative perspective. You can also identify blind spots that may otherwise go unnoticed.

4. The power of storytelling

Stories illustrate your point and help make your argument more emotional and relatable. To truly engage your audience, telling a story that is vivid and descriptive is a great way to deliver a message.

5. Keeping track of it all

Whether you use a spreadsheet or simply write your goals in your notebook, keeping a visual track shows you how well you are doing, how far you are progressing and ensures you are moving in the right direction

If you'd like to watch the session on demand, you can do so here. Be sure to follow us to get reminders about our upcoming sessions!


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