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Bespoke solutions for your business

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We offer hand-crafted bespoke solutions to businesses looking to enhance their team's performance. Our primary emphasis lies in delivering a concrete return on investment.

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Our tailored services catalyse improved communication and collaboration, increased productivity, tighten employee engagement and satisfaction and encourage a company-wide alignment with organisational goals.

From interactive workshops to engaging coaching sessions, we'll empower your employees, foster collaboration, and create a culture of continuous learning. Witness a remarkable shift in productivity as your team becomes motivated, inspired, and equipped with the tools needed to reach new heights of success. 


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Team Meeting

Is there a gap in your team’s performance?

We have partnered with Thomas International to offer a complimentary team profiling service that can help companies unlock the true potential of their teams.
The psychometric team profile consists of a comprehensive assessment of the psychological characteristics, abilities, and traits of individual team members. The purpose of creating a team profile is to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and dynamics of team members to improve team performance, communication, and collaboration.

This profile will illuminate the training requirements within your company, providing concrete data that can be presented to senior management for actionable insights on enhancing business growth and development.


Women as Leaders

Women as Leaders® provides the self-awareness and tools to help women within your organisation grow their confidence, identify big-picture opportunities, seek advancement by taking on more responsibilities, and ultimately, gain earned promotion.


Team Coaching

Team Coaching™ is designed to supercharge your teams by enabling team members to recognise their own strengths and limitations. Team Coaching with Actuate can make a tremendous difference in skills, loyalty, commitment, and productivity.


ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring

Our ILM Level 7 Coaching & Mentoring programme provides your senior leaders with a structured learning environment that enables them to develop the key skills of coaching at a senior and strategic level.


Leader as Coach

Leader as Coach has been designed by Clinical Psychologist, Ros Taylor, to give senior leaders the questions, tools and confidence to coach and strengthen teams from within.


One-to-One Coaching

Our coaching services have the power to encourage a profound transformation within your team members, unlocking their full potential and driving heightened levels of success. These high-level, one-to-one leadership coaching programmes can take place over 6 or 12 months.


Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

Our Finance for Non-Financial Professionals programme offers a unique learning experience that bridges the gap between your team’s expertise and financial acumen, enhancing their ability to make informed financial decisions in the workplace.

What Our Clients Say

​"My experience with them began 3 years ago when I trained to be an executive coach. I recognised the values and rigour that the principles of coaching could bring to Green Business and I chose them as leaders in this field. Since that time, Green Business has continued to expand and evolve and like many SMEs, scaling the business is both exciting and challenging. Enabling the leadership team to step up and take on increased responsibilities is an area we identified last year as crucial to our next stage of growth.

Initially, we embarked on securing a one-to-one coaching programme for our recently promoted Deputy MD. This has proved a transformational process and following the coaching, his impact on the business at both operational and board level has been fantastic. Indeed, Green Business are now looking to secure Team Coaching so that the wider leadership team can benefit from enhanced leadership skills. We would recommend them to any business looking to develop both individuals and teams.''

Andrea Nicholas, Managing Director, Green Tourism

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